So what should I do--job related.

  1. Apparently, the managers at the facility where I work see NO problem in leaving one RN alone with a pt on a vent who's a full code as they tried to do it again last week. I've decided that I can't continue to work at a place like this. Unfortunately for me, I was fired from a nursing position last year and this current place was the only one that would hire me. We all KNOW how politics in healthcare goes. It's a small city that I live in and people at one place know people at the other place and vice versa.

    There's ICU positions open at the facility that I first worked in as a new grad. I sent in an application last week and also emailed the lead recruitment specialist, who knows me as I used to work for her at this place. I have heard nothing back from anyone. I think that they are ignoring me because I know for a fact that someone with whom I used to work who now works at this place, told other people at this place why I was let go from my last nursing position. I didn't cause any permanent harm to anyone but the bosses used this incident to fire me simply because I believe that they viewed me as a potential trouble maker. Other nurses at this place have done far worse and still managed to keep their jobs.

    Anyway, I would've thought that since a year has passed that I'd be cut some slack now but apparently not. I sent the recruitement specialist another email today asking her to let me know either way because frankly, I find it rude NOT to respond to someone seeking employment. Around my area, there isn't much of a nursing shortage because there are 3 soon to be 4 RN programs in the area so there's a plethora of nurses as most of the new grads are local people.

    My question is, do I just let it go from here or should I call and ask to speak to the nurse manager of the ICU, I have no idea as to his or her name. Or should I mail out my resume to the Nurse Manager of ICU at this facility.

    Is there any hope for me because I have a black mark on my record? Should I just suck it up and stay where I am at and be thankful that they gave me a chance when others wouldn't even though their staffing policies are wrong? Since being fired I did go on to pass the CCRN exam, you'd think that would work in my favor but apparently not.

    If you were me, what would you do? I don't want to go into great detail over what happened to make me lose my job at least not out in the open. I've been burned once before by putting out TOO much info on this message board.

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  3. by   dgudmestad
    I think I would make an appointment to sit down with the nurse recruiter. You may be on the "not eligible for rehire list."
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    When I left this facility in 2000, I know for a fact that at the time, I WAS eligible for re-hire. When I interviewed for the job that I have now, the nurse manager called and spoke to my old manager who gave me a good review at the time. This was just last year. So, because of the events at my previous job, this facility could put me on their "do not hire" list? Doesn't make sense and doesn't seem right considering that this place has NO FIRST HAND knowledge of what exactly happened at my last job.
  5. by   dgudmestad
    If you were in good standing when you left, I would think you still should be.

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