Second thoughts

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    HI, I would like some advice. I graduate in two weeks and already have a job in a coronary care unit.

    I have always known that a lot of nurses feel that new grads should start on a med-surg unit before going to critical care. I feel my case is unique. You see I have 12 years experience as a unit secretary, monitor tech, and nurse aide working in coronary care.

    I am having second thoughts, not because I don't think I can handle the pressure but because some of the nurse's belief system. I will have to prove to them that I am able to do the work involved.

    I just want to build on all my knowledge that I have and put it to use in the best way I know how and that is to work in CCU.

    Any words of advice or encouragement would be appreciated, thank you.

    Keep looking toward the dream that keeps coming back.
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  3. by   VickyRN
    Go for it! Let your heart (pun not intended) guide you.
  4. by   Gordo
    No matter were you go in nursing you will have to prove yourself. If you feel that you can do the job, don't let ANY NURSE tell you , you can't.
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Some advice, don't be afraid to ask lots and lots of questions! Some new grads nowadays act as if they know everything. Don't worry about what other nurses think. I have been an RN for five years (almost) and recently transferred to ICU/CCU and feel as if I know nothing! Ask questions rather than make a mistake.