pulling femeral sheaths

  1. I need to know if other RNs are pulling femeral sheaths following cardiac caths. If so are you holding manual pressure or using a mechanical device to hold pressure. Our hospital is trying to determine what is standard for other facilities.
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  3. by   Brian

    This topic was discussed awhile back, here is the URL:

    You also may want to use the search feature and search for keywords like "sheath". Hope this helps.

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  4. by   Brian
    I forgot to mention that at our hospital, the nurses pull A/V Sheaths after caths. We just use manual pressure for venous sheath pulling.

    For arterial sheaths, it is up to the nurse whether to use a C-clamp, femostop or manual pressure (unless a specific order was written). Most of our nurses prefer the C-Clamp.

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  5. by   bluesboyj
    At my facility, the nurses pull sheaths post cath. The doctor orders the start time for the Q1hr ACTs to be started and the ACT result to obtained for removal. We use manual pressure, but because most of them are on Aggrastat, there are a minimum number of oozing problems and I'e yet to see even any ecchymosis at the site.

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  6. by   RECCUP35
    I've been working in cardiac care for eight years now, and I've been pulling femeral sheaths for eight years. Over the last four years my hospital has gone through some changes such as instead of seperate cardiac and intensive units were are now combined. When we were a seperate cardiac unit we pulled the femeral sheaths manually, but after we united the general policy changed to using the compressor. This change happend because the ICU nurses were very unfamiliar with the whole process especially the initial bleeding part. It was very distressing to the newcomers,but they began to see that it was ok, if one felt bleeding was significant a H/H was drawn. Personally I like to pull sheaths manually becuase it give me more control. The compresssor sometimes exerts too much pressure and causes a vagal response more frequently, but it is also handy when you don't have time to hold pressure directly,allowing you to chart nearby or something.
  7. by   Trauma
    We pull both venous and arterial sheaths at the same time and we hold manual pressure. I personally like to hold manual pressure b/c you can precisely pin point the artery to prevent a hematoma. The clamp will not work on an obese person. Our doctors are now suturing the site of insertion in the artery so no pressure at all is required.