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  1. I just was wondering how you all do assignments with regard to experience of new nurses. I am a new RN to the CCU and although I am off orientation, there are a few things I cannot do until I go to class for IABP). I also cannot carry the code beeper b/c I am ACLS but I could have a fresh post code as a pt. Does this make sense?

    Just wondering how your units organize this.
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    We don't have a code beeper; the code is announced overhead and whoever has time to go to it does. I have been to nearly every code that has been called since I've been working (for the experience) but I only recently became ACLS certified. Now I can go by myself if no one else can go.

    Whoever is open for the admit takes the fresh code. If the nurse is inexperienced, a more experienced nurse will help as needed. We cannot take fresh hearts until after heart orientation, which is after one year on the unit. We cannot take IABPs until after we've had the class.
  4. by   martabee
    Our new to CCU RN's have orientation on days then on nights. I think about 3-4 weeks each shift. Then every new nurse to CCU starts on night shift. The charge RN will ease the new rn's into situations with a little more challenge as he/she can. You get a fresh heart when the charge thinkks you are ready and usually the charge is close by to help and answer questions and give suggestions. Sometimes an emergent heart catches us on an already bad night and everyone does what they can to help. If the night shift group is relatively inexperienced the charge will take the heart. If things are going smoothly a less experienced rn will take the heart. How can you get experience without experience?
    OUr hospital uses code teams, if you are on the code team you go to the code when it is announced overhead. One of the other nurses or maybe a couple of nurses will cover for the code nurse while he/she is off the unit.

    We also attend an IABP class before we take a balloon pump pt.