preventing VAP and CSS?

  1. Hello....
    I work in critical care unit in Iceland.
    I was reading the CDC guidelines on preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia, and it recommends the use of CCS (closed circuit suction). We tried to use once but we stopped very soon because we did not find it effective.
    How is it in your unit? Do you all use CCS?
    Best regards from Iceland :spin:
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  3. by   kampswas
    We use a special VAP et tube
    It gets hooked up to 20 cm of it is also part of a bundle pack we use hob etc.
  4. by   augigi
    We use CSS. Sometimes it seems not as effective (thick secretions etc), but it is improved when everyone flushes the system with saline post suctioning so it doesn't get clogged, and changes the system q 24hrs.
  5. by   Pompom
    We use CSS and also have a second suction source available. If the second source is not available then we clamp the CSS line and open the other suction line. This is fairly new to our unit and I really do not see the benefit in the clamp but I guess someone needs to get a promotion by introducing a new way of doing something.

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