pericardicentesis trays (HELP)

  1. I've been put on a clinical practice council and a request is for us to change our pericardicentesis trays. A doc complained about the bulb drain. Our trays now have what looks like an oversized JP drain. Our old trays contained accordian-type drains with a stop-cock to pull off so much fluid as ordered. These new drains are constant and there is not a stop cock. The other complaint is that the drains do not hook up to the tubing right and there have been problems. Do any of your units use the accordian-style drains, and if so, what is the brand? I'm going to do some research and see what other hospitals use, but any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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  3. by   dianah
    Go to your SPD, Materials Management, Central Materiel or whatever you call the department that supplies you with sterile packs, whether custom or not. Talk to someone in that dept who is knowledgeable about the company that supplies packs to the hospital, and explain what the MDs had (and liked) and what they don't like about the current drainage system. They should be at least able to either give you a catalog (or catalogs) from the company (companies) they routinely order from, OR be able to put you in touch with a vendor whom you can call, whose sole purpose in life is to get you what you want = business for his/her company, lol!
    It is helpful if you know the vendor's name (Bard, Baxter, Cook, Cordis, Medi-Tech, etc) of the system you like. Perhaps that same company markets a ready-to-use pericardiocentesis tray that will have all you need, without any custom changes.
    In any case, do involve ppl in your facility who can assist you with contacting vendors, sifting through catalogs and ordering (the good ones are GOLDEN!!).

    Good luck! --- Diana
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