Nurse pass off form

  1. We are developing a new open heart unit and would like to try to standardize the reporting from the ICU to the stepdown unit. Does anyone out there have a good format for reporting that they would be willing to share? Thanks
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  3. by   nimbex
    No, our hearts should move out in 24 hrs, we just give the routine..

    3 vessle , list 'em, graft site, off or on pump, drips, total chest tube dump that am, if they are using the epicardial pacers, activity progression, diet then allergies and assessment.

    If they're long termers, we start a kardex on POD 7.
  4. by   Surgical Hrt RN
    We have a standard form that we developed ourselves to give report on. It lists date of admission, admission reason, PMH, pre-op meds, and cardiologist in one section. In another is the procedure CABG x 4 with AVR, etc.. the surgeon who did the procedure and time they came out of OR. Below all that is lines and dates of insertion, CT output and if they are to waterseal or suction, and if they have an IABP. If they are still intubated or were reintubated vent settings, if extubated type of O2. And next, any other pertinent info, tests that need to be done or tests that were completed. Hope that helps! If you want Kay I can email our format!