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  1. Well I have transitioned into cardiac care. I have been an LPN for a little over 5 years and have worked with geriatrics (nursing homes) and a plasma center. I have currently been hired into a large cardiology firm and I am so nervous and scared! This is almost foreign to me and I do not know where to turn! I have been told that it is not easy. I have been brushing up on terms, abbreviations, and meds. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on this big transition? I was only given 4 days of training with the CMA I am replacing (she moved out of state). I do not feel that this is enough training. I am trying to stay positive and not get too stressed, I have been told that all the other nurses/CMA's will help me as much as possible...but I am afraid I will have too many questions, and they won't have that much time because they have their own work/doctor to deal with. I definitely do not want to annoy them right off the bat with my stress and questions. Please help!
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  3. by   ivyleaf
    do you have triage protocols? ifnot, i recommend the briggs book
    it is not specific to cards, and you will probably do things somewhat differently, but it gives you solid guidelines to follow in case you find yourself on your own (which you shouldn't!)
    maybe brush up on your basic arrhythmias, chest pain triage, afib, coumadin management/PT/inr ranges
    med review is a great idea
  4. by   AmberLPN2017
    Thank you! I will have to look further into far so good though!