insulin gtt in heart failure/mi patients

  1. hi has any one heard of any insulin gtt protocols specific for heart failure or mi patients thanks voldog
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  3. by   utahliz
    Many of the docs I deal with write for our standard insulin gtt protocol for most of the patients they admit to our critical care unit.
  4. by   LEVODEVO
    HI,there are new federal guidleines out on glycemic control...they are designed for the general patient population and not diagnosis specific...we know the potassium is important with cardiac patients and insulin eats K+ so keep an eye on that....
  5. by   endorphinrush
    I have not heard of one specific for cardiac pts. I work in a CVICU and we have recently been educated a great deal on the importance of glucose testing. We have to test ANY pt that is admitted to the unit regardless of reason and regardless of whether or not they are diabetic. If the first one is out of range (over 140) we have to recheck in 2 hours. If that one is over 140 we have to initiate the insulin gtt protocol or the doc may order slide scale. Slide parameters have to be pretty tight. This is supposed to cut down on sternal wound infection rates for our hearts and infection in general. There is a product on the market now called glucomander (sp?). My CNS showed me some data from studies that were conducted using the software. Pretty interesting stuff. It takes into acct drips using glucose, oral intake and past values along with insulin intake to configure individual pt needs for insulin. It should help cut infection rates, provide better care and save the hospital that almighty dollar.
  6. by   rnanm
    :spin: yes, we have an insulin drip protocol in our ccu for heart failure patients. i will see if i can get a copy and pm you.

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