How to get a CVICU position

  1. For those RNs who work in a CVICU, how did you get into the unit? Was it your first job right out of nursing school? If not, what unit did you work on prior to getting the CVICU position?
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  3. by   Catticus11
    I started in my hospital's critical care orientation with a bunch of CVICU nurses. They all had at least a couple years of experience, and came from either the OR, PACU, or cardiac telemetry floors. I was offered a position in our CVICU when I applied to the critical care program, and I had 2 years of cardiac tele experience--I ended up going to our CCU though.

    I do however know of a nurse who started in another hospital's CVICU right out of nursing school.

    Guess it depends on the hospital. The Cardiac telemetry experience provided a nice broad cardiovascular background before I started though.
  4. by   CVSU
    Go ask. Managers like nurses who are excited about what they do. State your case and find out what you have to do and do it.... though there really isn't anything. It's the gesture that counts. I was offered CVSU and CICU positions as a new grad, but I checked back with them often. By the time application decisions were being made, they knew my name.
  5. by   S.Bird
    It might be helpful to attend a job fair in your area if available. That usually indicates that they have multiple staff openings and more likely to extend offers to new grads or nurses in different specialties.

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