Heart Cath in your own lab ???

  1. I work in the cath lab\l love my job.

    I have a conundrum. It has been suggested by one of our Docs that I have a right heart cath to r/o pulmonary hypertension ( rvsp 47) some TR no RVH. He says he knows it will bug me to no end if I dont find out ( he is right btw)


    I want to know.!! it is not crucial I have it but I really want to know, having serial echocardiograms for yrs to watch it just doesnt thrill me if I can get the answer with a right heart, right away.
    The thing is, if I am there for the right, why not just throw a sheath in the artery and do the left for the heck of it( Dr said "sure"). Would love to see my anatomy, very cool.

    What do you think, should I or not. I could go to a different lab but I really like the Doc I have chosen ( he is fantastic). I know the risks of a left heart cath.

    Btw, newbie here, this site is fantastic
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