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    Have any of you ever heard of, and had experience with EECP? One of my clients says her doc wants her to have it...has info on it, but it's the glossy PR stuff. haven't yet goen to their webpage for that reason...stands for (Enhanced External CounterPulsation)
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  3. by   twells
    Dr Atkins mentions it in his latest diet book. He does it at his clinic. It's supposed to force your heart to develop collateral circulation without drugs or surgery. Maybe a good alternative, especially for people with high risk factors for surgery.
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    thanks..yeah i now know what it hoping to find someone who has had experience with it.
  5. by   NurseGirlKaren
    I work in the cath lab and our docs refer some patients for it. They do it at our cardiac rehab center. To watch the promotional video it looks BARBARIC but to see it in action, it's really not that bad. I went and talked to a patient while he was having a session and he said it's the most relaxing part of his whole day!! Once you get used to it he said it doesn't bother you at all. Hard to read a book because of all the movement but he said that during his EECP is when he replies to all his e-mails. They also have a TV/VCR there so you can watch a movie during your session if you want. We have seen patients have really good results with it and a great reduction in anginal symptoms and I have heard (but not personally seen) that patients really do show great collateral growth on repeat caths.

    Had one patient say that it really hurt and she developed worsened varicose veins with it.

    Hope this helps!