1. I have job opportunities in a CVICU (open heart recovery and medical cardiac/interventional cardiac) at a smaller branch of a teaching hospital, and one in a large, level one regional trauma center/teaching hospital in their SICU/TICU (trauma ICU). Positions are rarely open on this latter floor. I am debating which job to take.

    I am currently working as a traveler at the smaller hospital on their cardiac stepdown unit, and therefore am well acquainted with their procedures, policies, doctors, and so forth. I have two years of predominately cardiac stepdown experience, and have never worked with trauma patients, but the experience at a level one trauma center would probably be invaluable, and the manager feels I am capable of the transition.

    I know I like working with open heart/cardiac patients, and thought CVICU would be the next logical step, as I have interest in recovering fresh open hearts and more acute management of interventional patients. It's hard to say whether or not I would "like" or "enjoy" working TICU since I don't have experience with the patient subset, and can only imagine some of the generalities associated with taking care of these kinds of patients.

    I was wondering if folks with both CICU and TICU experience could chime in and offer some insight into what working these floors is/was like for them, and what they liked best and least, etc, as a way of helping me decide which job I might like best. I do plan to shadow on TICU, but, I'm going to have to make up my mind very soon, and it's always good to gather more information. Thanks!
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  3. by   Flynurse007
    Hi there. I would think the TICU unit would definitely be a challenge and your experience on this unit would be invaluable to your future as a nurse! I'd say if they are going to train you, TAKE THE OPORTUNITY and run with it. You already know hearts and they are not changing. (I am a CVICU nurse as well) therefore, take the opportunity! GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   Gary717
    If you don't mind taking risks and enjoy new adventures, adrenaline rushes, i would take the TICU job. I'm a CICU RN and if I were in your shoes I would take the TICU job. But I love the intense stuff.
  5. by   piperknitsRN
    Thanks, guys. What do you like about CVICU?
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    Quote from piperknitsRN
    Thanks, guys. What do you like about CVICU?

    I was bored to tears in the nation's 2nd busiest level one trauma center's Trauma ICU.