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  1. I'm wanting to take the CSC exam, but I'd really like to take a practice exam first. I've been working in CTICU for three years, before that worked in CCU and ER. Got both CCRN and CEN certification and I'm in grad school for ACNP. I feel like I should be able to do this, but I'd really like a dry run before committing. Anyone know of a good place to get practice tests/questions?

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  3. by   Esme12
    The AACN is your friend as well.
  4. by   godfatherRN
    I feel like I had a somewhat similar experience to you (2 yrs CVICU experience when I took the CSC, (started in CV as a new grad so only experience I had), passed CCRN 2 months prior to taking CSC, and also wanted practice ?s/exam) so here's my advise. Other than the test plan on the AACN website which lays out for you very simply what you should know, objectives and I believe a few practice ?s, there were not any practice tests I knew of at least when I took the exam (Jan 2011). I bought and read cover to cover Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing by Sonya Hardin and Roberta Kaplow (very reasonable price on amazon for a textbook). This book should honestly be REQUIRED reading for anyone starting in CVICU. Even with 2 years of solid experience doing high-risk hearts all day every day, I learned SO much in this book, and it is not difficult reading at all (font size reasonable, paperback, pages not huge, finished it in 3 weeks doing just casual reading hear and there). At the end of each chapter is a case study with practice ?s geared to prepare you for the CSC exam (Which they state in the book). I did all of those, read the chapters and took the test first time, no problems. I know you're in school now and have a ton of reading to do (believe me I know, I'm in CRNA school now!) but if you just get the book for the practice ?s and to skim it's well worth it.

    Sorry this got long but that's my advise!
  5. by   Bd18
    just took my csc exam on 9/28 and i passed it. My advice is buy the book byRobert Bojar and everything is there. I also used this book as reference for My CMC test which i passed today. Use it as your bible for cardiac surgery and you'll never go wrong..good luck!!!!