1. CCU= Cardiac Care Unit
    CTSU= Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit
    CICU= ?

    I want to take care of patients after bypass surgery/heart surgery. Which unit would be best? Thank you!
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    Quote from fitnessangel25
    ccu= cardiac care unit
    ctsu= cardiothoracic surgical unit
    cicu= ?
    i want to take care of patients after bypass surgery/heart surgery. which unit would be best? thank you!
    depends totally on the hospital that you are inquiring at:
    i've worked at many different hospitals and they all called their open heart surgery unit something different. inquire at the hospitals in your area. find out who does a large number of cardio-thoracic procedures. call up the nurse manager and ask what they look for in new staff when they interview. if you have what they are looking for.........great! if towards it.

    units i have worked in that included ohs patients:
    cru - cardiac recovery unit - post ohs unit
    ccu - coronary care unit - several did not include ohs patients, a couple were "combo" units that had medicine as well as surgical cardiac patients
    cicu - cardiac intensive care unit - mostly mi patients; a couple units were combo medical & surgical units
    cccu- cardiac comprehensive care unit - combo medical and surgical cardiac patients
    cvicu - cardiovascular intensive care unit - mostly surgical, but did work in one unit that called itself cvicu that was both medical and surgical patients
    ctsu - i haven't personally worked in unit with this designation

    hope this helps. :spin: