Calculating SVR, CVP, Preload, etc..

  1. I am taking this RN to BSN course and my current class is Trauma/CCU nursing. I have this case study to do in which I have to answer some questions about it. Now I've read all the chapters assigned and this particular case study is on Shock.

    One of the questions is asking me what the pt's SVR is???? I only have the HR and BP. I cannot calculate the SVR without knowing the CVP or PAOP, correct??? I've asked the instructor and basically what I got was "it's in the text".

    Ugh, I feel lost :***:

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  3. by   kool-aide, RN
    I googled and a link told me you need the CVP, map, and CO
  4. by   Mully
    Resistance = Change in pressure/Flow

    Or in cardiac terms:

    SVR = MAP-CVP/CO. This is because MAP is basically your starting average pressure at your aorta, and CVP is your ending pressure at the R atrium. Therefore your entire periphery is contained in between these two places (Change in pressure).

    CVP is normally pretty low. Depending on the text, your normal is going to be like 2-8. So your instructor MAY want you to either estimate a normal CVP, or just leave it out with the assumption that it wont change your SVR number very much. Correctly calculating SVR requires the CVP though.

    It doesn't require PAOP though.

    Here's a video that might help further...
  5. by   stdntograd06
    Thank you! This information will definitely help me in this course to understand the content!
  6. by   DirtSurferCCRN
    Agree with above. SVR = (MAP-CVP/CO) x 80.

    Good luck!
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