Any CCU nurses want to talk

  1. Looking to communicate with other Nurses in Carciac Care Units. If interested, please click on the post reply option.

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  3. by   sph
    My name is Steve, I work in a large coronary care unit (16 beds) in the south west of the united kngdom. Would very much like to here from other like minded individuals with a genuine interest in coronary care nursing.

    Hope to here from you soon!

  4. by   CWhite
    Hello, My name is Cheryl, I am a Coronary Care Nurse in Townsville, Australia. I am at present trying to formulate a policy and procedure for femoral sheath removal, in the coronary care setting for registered nurses. This I have found has a lot more implications for registered nurses than at first I thought. If anyone has similar experiences I would like to hear from them. I am trying to formulate a policy that would be accepted by our unit and set in motion a procedure that would be in alignment with the acceptable standards for coronary care nurses throughout the world. If you have any thoughts, experiences or just want to chat, please reply.
  5. by   Texy
    Are your femoral sheaths in place after Cardiac Catherization procedures and stent placement? We remove those in our unit and I can check on our policy next time I work. I am in California, USA.
  6. by   Shari
    Hi! My name is Shari. I have been in critical care for 10 years. The last year I switched to CCU. It was a weakness for me so I took the plunge to learn more about it. I'm in a large teaching hospital where we do several caths and interventions every day. The pace is extremely fast. So far so good though. It definitely is a different world.
  7. by   chula4271
    Hi! I'm Jennifer and work in a 20 bed CCU in Clearwater, FL. We do PTCA's, stents, arthrectomy's etc. every day...a few MD's do radial procedures now and some use the new Perclose procedure to stich the artery closed afterwards so they come back without arterail lines in. The Rn's pull all the sheaths. WE generally have 2 patients..rarely 3 stable ones.
  8. by   Liz chevalier
    I am day charge nurse on a 20 bed cardiac unit. We also pull our own sheath usually depending on the PTT being below 50. We find that Dramamine 25mg and morphine from 2-8 mgs works well. We use manuel pressure although we do have the C-clamp which to us does not work as well. Our nurse to patient ratio is five to one but not everyone will have a sheath in. We also have CABG patients sometimes less than 24 hours post op. Up until three years our ratio was seven patients per nurse. It makes me quesy to even think about that.I would love to hear from other cardiac nurses.I have worked the floor for 12 years and really enjoy it.
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    We are Heath & Kerry

    Heath has done ICU nursing for 2 years, and I have Neonatal nursing for almost a year and just stated in CVICU. you can reach us at and