Any advice on how to get a critical care spot as a new grad? - page 2

I graduate in 10 months and was wondering how to prepare myself so I have the best possible shot in getting hired right away in critical care....Thank you :)... Read More

  1. by   OpenHeartRN24
    I agree with all. You need to get as many certs as you can. BLS, ACLS, PALS, stroke etc... this shows you are motivated to learn new things and puts you a step ahead of other new grads applying. attemp to get some type of job where you have hospital experience. Try to get you preceptorship hours for nursing school in a critical care area. Express a great deal of interest if you get an interview there. Dress and act prosfessional in the interview which goes without saying. Try and get your name circulating through the ICU somehow maybe you know someone that works there. Maybe someone you know knows someone that works in ther and can put in a good word for you. Do anything you can if thats where you want to work. More than anything I do strongly suggest you get as many certs as possible. take an arrythmia class and a 12 lead class, get that acls and bls. that should help
  2. by   Biffbradford
    I don't know about getting all of those certifications ahead of time. If the manager and CNS likes you, then they will train you the way they want. I've seen plenty of new nurses come into the ICU all gung-ho, take all the transplant classes, CVVH, IABP, LVAD, etc as fast as they can, get the sickest patients right up front ... and guess who's the first one's out the door? Get your BLS, perhaps EKG and/or 12 lead, and leave the rest up to the hospital. You may be good at trying to show that you're 'book smart', but it takes a lot more than that to survive in a tough ICU. My .02.