1. We use IV amidarone infusions at lot in our CCU, and have trouble keeping the IV site patent and infection free. It seems that we have to re cannulate everday as they become swollen , sore and do not work. We are currently using 18g Jelcos, however we want to start using long lines and PICCS. Does anyone esle have this problem? or do you use another method of infusion, ie long line , PICC etc. Any comments would help.
    Thanks Jane Aussie
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  3. by   CC NRSE
    Hi Jane!!

    We use amiodarone quite frequently too. However, most of our patients are pretty sick and already have lines ie. pa/cortis/central but have given peripheral amio and don't remember that particular drug being extremely corrosive to the veins. maybe someone should do a study on it if you are having that much of a problem. Or do you think it could be a combo of drugs given through that same piv site?? Some people will mix anything!!!
  4. by   jenadox

    I haven't noticed any increase in site problems with amiodarone infusions. We only use 18g when we have to, we prefer 20g. These smaller catheters seem to last longer for us. Maybe you could try using 20g unless you think the person is tauma pt? Just an idea

  5. by   PatriceM
    Hi, use amiodorone a lot in our unit. Different mix for peripheral vs. central. The solvent for the amiodorone is a detergent and very corrosive to veins. One cardiologist believes it should never be given peripherally. Our mix is 720 mg/500 ml for peripheral and 720 mg/150ml. Run at 1 mg/hr for 12 hours then 0.5mg hour.

    Not too much problems with above mixtures causing infiltrates.

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