6-week orientation to a cardiac step-down unit?

  1. Hello, I will be a new grad in May 07' and I have just accepted a position at a large teaching hospital, but was shocked to hear that my orientation was only 6 weeks long. I'm a little nervous because I know part of that orientation will be me learning about telemetry and drips, along with policies and procedures of the hospital. Is this a short orientation, am I biting more off than I can chew?
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  3. by   vamedic4
    six weeks does sound like an awfully short orientation, especially for a new grad. at my facility the orientation is 24 weeks, with classroom time and then orientation to the floors/preception by an experienced rn. i work in a peds cardiology "step down" unit.
    policies and procedures are sometimes the hardest to get used to.

    oh, and by the way...[color="sandybrown"]congrats on your rn!!

    just thought i'd add that in there.

    good luck with your new job!! give it a shot, you might feel more at home than you think.

    all the best,

    cloudy and warm here today
  4. by   cardiac.cure03
    Yeah, 6 wks sounds like a short orientation to me also. Just ask away and look things up on your "off time" when you get home and things.

    I only got a 14 wk orientation in a CCU, and I was worried as well. I just finished it up and so far, so good. It's still scary though, but I'm slowly gaining confidence. And you will too. I just always make sure I know what I'm doing before I do it. And I'm always trying to understand what's really going on w/ my pt...asking, looking it up...

    Don't just throw in the towel... Try it, you may feel pretty good w/ the 6 wks they give you.

    Good luck to ya and best wishes!
  5. by   nrsang97
    I am a nurse with experience and when I oriented to Neuro ICU, I got 10 weeks orientation. New grads get 12-14 weeks. 6 weeks is way too short. If you feel you need more time ask for it. Don't let them throw you to the wolves. Don't worry so much about policy, that will come with time. You will never know every policy, you will still have to look some up. Common policies you should know like how to get blood from the blood bank and etc.

    You can PM me if you like I am in Mi. Congrats on graduating in May.

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