"Bedside Emergencies" is up at www.icufaqs.org ...

  1. Hi all. "Bedside Emergencies" is up at www.icufaqs.org - initial reviews are pretty good. Enjoy.
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  3. by   2rntish
    Just scanned a few of the areas...LOOKS GREAT. Is this your site or did you find it? I have a hemodynamic presentation that might fit in.
  4. by   New2CVICU

    I visit your website as a resource. It is very helpful to me. Your information gives me a "working perspective" on the information I am looking for. I have a Fast Facts book, but the information is only fast when you apply it in the right context. In other words, abbreviations only work when you know what they are abbreviated from.

    Keep up the good work.
  5. by   journey_bound
    Thanks so much for posting that link!! I was able to realize how much I actually know as a student nurse! Lots of great info. Thanks again : )