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Want to get certified but not sure which is the most desireable? Both have certs for nicu but I have only ever seen rnc. From what I gather both require cont. ed hours or retesting every 3 years. The ccrn needs about double the cont. ed hours, and obviously they are from different companies, but are there any other differences? Wondered if the ccrn is a more regionally accepted cert. elsewhere in the country? Thinking about traveling and thought it might improve the looks of my cv


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I believe RNC is more common....we don't have any CCRN certs in our unit.


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I'd suggest obtaining your RNC from NCC because this credentialing organization is mostly focused on maternal-child nursing. It seems to be the standard for NICU nurses and nurse practitioners to get their certification from NCC. Check out their web site at Good luck to you wherever you go for your certification; I'm glad you are interested in doing so!


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do you have to be a nicu nurse for 2 years to test for rnc? or does it only have to be a certain number of hours that you've worked in nicu?


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I'm not sure whether you must have worked in the NICU for 2 years or have worked in the NICU for a certain number of hours, or both. What I DO remember is that the number of hours pretty much added up to a person working full time for 2 years. It's been several years since I took my test from NCC, so I don't remember exactly. Hopefully their web site can tell you; if not, I'd imagine that if you request information (download it from the web site or ask them to mail it to you) the information will be found there.


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