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CCRN Content Helpful During CRNA School


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Hello All,

I am an ICU RN and I am currently studying for the CCRN. I plan to apply for CRNA school next year. I wanted to know if any current SRNAs have found the study material and content for the CCRN helpful while going through CRNA school. I am making lots of notes to help me study and it would be nice if I can use them in CRNA school, (if I am blessed enough to be accepted). All replies welcome. Thanks!! ;)

CCRN Helpful in CRNA school...... not really. The extent it has helped me thus far is get me accepted. I have not used much or any of the knowledge I learned from the CCRN or least not yet. And if I have I couldn't really tell you what it is - brain is currently frying. Anesthesia school is a beast! You are basically starting all over again no matter how many years of nursing experience you have. You are in a completely different environment (OR), have a different knowledge base, and learn different skills. Most of all you have to learn a completely different way of thinking. To be honest I don't think anything can really prepare you except a high drive to succeed and the willingness to make many sacrifices. Good luck to you.


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I disagree with Just an Illusion, although I may not be the best to say so because I never actually got my CCRN.

However, I did study for it. The CCRN makes you a more knowledgeable ICU nurse, and that's the foundation of a CRNA.

The more you know invasive pressures, the more you know vent settings, the more you know pressors, ekgs, pharmacology, and all the other stuff that the CCRN covers, the better you will be prepared for CRNA school, and the better CRNA you'll be in the end. As a CRNA, especially if you work solo somewhere, you need to know everything about everything lol. There isn't really much that you can study (within reason) that won't be helpful for you later down the line. Remember, you'll potentially be the only person directing that patient's care during their operative stay, so you need every bit of information there is out there in your arsenal.

More importantly than just passing the CCRN is that you thoroughly understand and can retain the information you learn. You may not be tested much on Swan numbers during your first couple semesters of CRNA school, but when it comes time to place a Swan, you're going to be happy that you know those numbers back and forth.

Hope this helps.


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Cool everyone. Thanks for the input. Please keep the feedback coming. I really appreciate it.