CCRI Fall 2014 applicants


Hi, I am finishing my last pre-req to apply for the nursing program. I am wondering if any other CCRI students can help me? I know I won't be able to apply for the program until June, and from what I've heard seats are full for September. What are the chances of seats opening up? I know I will get in if I have the chance to apply. I have 158 points (given I get an A in this last class which I should.) I am stressing myself out because I REALLY wanted to get in for this next semester. I am also confused as to what I should apply for? I know the evening program is more competitive but it would be much easier for me since I have two kids under 4 years old. I am going to see an advisor soon. Just stressed out right now!!


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not to be discouraging, but I was told they have not needed to open up for additional applicants in the summer for 5 years. I called this morning to check and was informed that all seats are filled for the nursing program. this is really disheartening since I was hoping to apply for the fall evening program as well. unfortunatly we will have to wait until next february to apply if you want the evening program. if you want day time you will be able to apply in september


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Thanks for your did you get that info? Through advising? I'm going to see an advisor this week.