I was wondering if anyone out there has transitioned from a CCRC to a CRA? The CEO of our private practice is retiring and he is the only person here who is really behind our research department. There are only 2 people in my department here. Anyways before they tell us that they are closing us down, i'm trying to find a new position. I though it might be a good time to try to transition from CRC to CRA. Has anyone here made the transition? I've heard its quite difficult to get a CRA position without knowing someone who already works for a company. If you could share your experiences/ backgrounds that you had when you made that transition it may help me decide if this is an feasible idea or if I should just look for another coordinator position. Thanks for any help and input! =)


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Hi! I was wondering if you could give an update on what happened. I've been trying to get into a CRA position too.


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I've turned down a quite a few other CCRC positions in oncology, pulmonary clinics and other specialty clinics. Mostly because of the commute. Two of the teams I interviewed with still want me to join them and they keep in contact regularly. My current job gave me a raise when I tried to leave for the oncology job so i decided to stay since that isn't what I really wanted. I have continued to apply to CRA positions and had a interview for a position with a local hospital, but I didn't end up getting the job. I really think its more about who you know and not what you know. In my current position I complete more task than most other CRC's but continue to have monitors straight out of college with no clue as to what they are talking about. I'm also located in the southwest so that may make a difference in what company's are willing to take a chance on me. If you happen to get a position keep me posted on what the magic trick is! =)

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Hi tlp1019,

I've found it helpful to get in good with the monitors who you work with on your current clinical trials as a CRC. I've gotten a few interviews by working well with CRAs who in turn have recommended me for a monitoring position. I've decided not to pursue the CRA career as the traveling is too much for me. I also really enjoy my current CRC position. I've noticed that every few months CROs such as Covance, MedPace, PRA and Quintiles will post training program positions for those without CRA experience. Best of luck!