CCNE vs. ACEN Accreditation

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I have been accepted to two nursing programs for Fall 2014! I'm having trouble deciding between programs. One program is CCNE and ACEN accredited, and the other is only ACEN accredited. Is there a difference? Thanks!

Either is sufficient, and there's no particular advantage to a school having both. Unless things have changed fairly recently, ACEN accredits LPN, diploma, ADN, and BSN programs. CCNE accredits BSN and graduate programs. So, they both accredit BSN programs and that's where the overlap comes in (or, in the case of schools that have a range of nursing programs; e.g., if a school has had a BSN program accredited by ACEN for a long time, and starts an MSN program, they would pursue CCNE accreditation for the graduate program).

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