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I am curious, what's the difference between a certified case manager and an accredited case manager? I am a CCM, but I was recently doing a search and came accross an exam site for ACM (accredited case manager). I have never heard of this certification and I was wondering if anyone out there is a ACM?


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Hi ,

I work as a RN hospital case manager. My boss recently obtained ACM and has encouraged us to get it. I have been wondering the same question as you. Its seems ACM is more geared towards hospital based case management . Unlike CCM which is more of worksman comp and insurance case mgnt. I'm debating but may decide to go for CCM instead. Really because that cert is very well known for CM .


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To my understanding, there are several varieties of case management certifications out there. The most prevalent one is the CCM. The CCM tends to be generalized being skewed towards workman's comp, insurance, and consultancy. The ACM is strictly hospital-based. You also have the ANCC-based CM certificaton which is for nurses only as well as other lesser known certifications. Personally, I would rather have a highly recognized certification that allows me to work in a variety of roles and not be limited to one area. I think a nurse should look outside of the box, if possible. Having wrote that, employers are going to require what they feel is advantageous for them. As long as they are willing to pay for the exam and subsequent recertifications, I'd go for it.

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I have had my ACM certification since the early 2000s and have worked in a hospital based setting and now as a care management leader for a large regional non-hospital based company. I find that the ACM certification is a well known as the CCM and as well respected. Additionally, both are ANCC recognized.