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I am starting this thread to communicate to others who are also applying for this year's cycle at CCC/MHCC/PCC in the Portland, Oregon area, and hopefully getting to know future classmates.

I applied to all 3 and got my notification today from PCC, that I made it to phase 2. Has anyone heard from MHCC/CCC yet? Good luck everyone ?

Still waiting on MHCC. I keep refreshing my e-mail, I am super anxious! 

Any updates? I'm still waiting on MHCC and CCC. 

Specializes in Respiratory Therapist.

I have no updates. Still waiting also. 

Specializes in Respiratory Therapist.

Clackamas community college sent there requests today and I got an interview, but nothing from MHCC yet

I got an invite for CCC but still waiting for MHCC. 

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