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Hello All!

I've decided that I'm going to pursue an accelerated BSN 2nd degree! But first I need to complete the pre reqs, looks like I have to take AP I & II, Nutrition, Microbiology and possibly Pharmacology ( I should be ok with the bio, chem and statistics pre reqs) I've decided to take these classes at CCAC since that will be the cheapest option and I just wanted to get some ideas or feedback as to which campus I should take them, I appreciate any info you guys can give me, i just want to make sure I am taking these courses at the campus that can offer me the best education for my money! I plan on taking these pre reqs in the fall and then from there I will decide which schools I will apply to for the accelerated BSN 2nd degree program :):):):)

I attend the Boyce campus and I had a particular instructor for A&P I who was great. Her class was very challenging and you will definetly learn something. If you'r interested, I can PM you her name; she teaches A&P 1 and 2.

The Nutrition class you can take online if you choose to. I haven't taken it yet, but I was suggested to take an online nutrition course with an instructor from Allegheny.

I took a 10-week Microbiology class during the summer and I had a really great professor who moved away, so I can't offer you any suggestions there.



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Ok Thanks that would be wonderful! I just applied to Boyce campus like 2 days ago and i requested my transcripts for my undergrad and grad schools be sent, now i just need to jump on FAFSA and get that done, i figured i would do AP I and Nutrition in the fall and then do AP II and Micro in the spring, even though I had micro my senior year of high school i definitely need a brush up on it, and then from there i will start applying for the 2nd degree BSN programs in the area