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Hello Everyone,

I need your help. I am interested in CCAC's nursing program and was wondering if it is true that you are able to take pre-req's concurrently with the nursing courses. Is this the case? Any insight would help tremendously.

Thanks everyone!


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yes you can. but i would not advise it.

the nursing classes are hard enough.


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I second logo's recommendation. I am going into my last semester at the Allegheney campus, and it's been hard enough with no other classes. The few people I know who took classes concurrently, have failed either the coreq or the nursing class. My advice is to take what you can ahead of time and if you must, save a few to take over the summer.



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Don't do it! I graduated from CCAC Boyce in May. Although it took me almost three years to complete the program, it was well worth it. I saw too many good students not make it through the program because they were taking the pre-reqs along with the nursing credits. Take your time and you will do just fine. Good luck!

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I graduated from South campus. I took my other classes alongside my nursing classes and graduated in 20 months. It's doable, but brutal. I almost walked-out halfway through my third semester b/c I was so burnt out. There were mitigating factors @ home too. I CLEPped my English 1&2 and Intro to Psych and that helped. I did not have time or patience to be writing a bunch of papers or doing group projects.

I did it in that timeframe because I had to. Dh had not had steady employment for awhile @ that point. (Hey, different economy, different time.)


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I am in my last semester at North and also agree with everyone else not to do it. It took me longer but with the amout of work I had to put into the program I wouldn't have passed nursing with other classes.


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It is true that you can, but I would not recommend it. The nursing program itself is difficult and demanding enough without the added stress.

Good luck in the decision that you make.

You also have the option of taking many of your prereq online and you can do classroom prereq and online prereq at the same time to help save on time and get them done faster.

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