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Hello! I'm new here, and I plan on becoming an RN as a 2nd career. I was wondering if anyone knew of a community college in Michigan that has a shorter wait list than others? Is there anywhere that has a wait list under 2 years?



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Many schools do not wait list, and admission is based on GPA and/or an entrance exam. I know Macomb CC and Oakland CC do not wait list.


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Macomb Community College has no waiting list. It's 100% competitive. You better be a genius like me if you plan to get in though.


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At SC4 there is no waitlist either, you just have to apply each year. And they calculate your score based on your GPA, HESI exam and how many credits you have done towards the program.

Wayne County Community College District has no waiting list, plan on having higher than a 3.5 (better have a 4.0) to get in!

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