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Hi guys, I am currently planning to transfer to a nursing school Spring 2016 from community college, but I feel like my best isn't good enough. Any advice for which schools to target for spring admissions? Im putting my best foot forward in hopes of being optimistic, but the requirements and GPA minimums can be very discouraging.


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Without knowing exactly what your GPA is, and in particular your nursing prereq GPA, it is very hard to give you any helpful advice. California universities are all very hard to get in to. If I were you I would look very closely at the specific requirements for each school and if you do not qualify, see what you can do to change that. Can you re-take some classes so that you can improve your GPA? Can you volunteer at a hospital in order to get some extra points toward admission? Can you take the TEAS again to improve your score? Do you qualify for foreign language points?

Another option that you may want to consider is applying at the community college ADN programs. Many of the colleges in California use a lottery system for their ADN programs, so as long as you meet the minimum requirements you have a shot. I would also look at for-profit schools such as or PUC.

Overall I think you have to determine how badly you want to be a nurse. I had to repeat a few classes that I previously earned B's in so that I could apply to my program with a 4.0 pre-req GPA. Even with my GPA, volunteer points, and an 88% on the TEAS I am not 100% confident that I will be accepted. If you really want it, you will do what you have to do to achieve it-even if that means having to sit out an extra semester in order to work on any improvements that would increase your chances at getting accepted. Good luck!


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thank you! your advice was very helpful! I have a 3.0 Gpa right now; it's not the best, I know. I scored an 83% on the Teas, and I got a B in anatomy & C in Physio. My Physio professor was the toughest teacher I have ever had, and I really worked hard in that class.