CBRF vs Nursing Home. What looks better on a resume?


Hi, I left my job of 7 months at a CBRF because it was exhausting. I am a junior nursing student so I applied at a nursing home and got the job. I worked my first weekend and I already hate it. People there are so out of it they cannot talk. It is depressing, short staffed and a lot of residents are huge and a strain to turn. Plus I've never dealt with so much BM and urine before. So I decided to go back to the CBRF I came from. It's hard work but I know my residents, and it's so hard starting a new job while in school. Is there any difference in my chances of being hired as a nurse when I graduate if I work at a CBRF or a Nursing home? What looks better on a resume?


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First, a friendly heads up, you may want to change your SN to something more anonymous, as this is a very public forum, and protecting yourself is very important. :)

Next, I have never heard CBRF, and for those who would have to Google it like I did, it's community-based residential facility.

When you get to where you're looking for nursing jobs, it's more the networking than the actual medical background that seems to help with job prospects, it seems. I have extensive healthcare experience, and it barely seems to help. I think stressing about CNA experience in LTC vs. CBRF is kind of like splitting hairs, really. SNF work might give you more varied experience, but I am not as familiar as some with what all you do in CBRF, and I would imagine it would vary some based on the type of facility and its residents.