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does your cath lab use a safety strap/belt to secure patient to cath lab table?

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i'm interested to know if other labs are securing patients with safety belt or strap when placed on procedure table. If so, what strap/belt are you using? Also, are all patients secured or just those you consider high risk? If you do use only for at risk patients, how do you determine these patients are at risk?

What other common practices are used to ensure patient safety while in your lab? any information will be greatly appreciated!

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We use velcro straps to secure high risk patients to the cath table for angiograms. Deciding who is "high risk" is at the discretion of the staff in the room. Personally, I consider any patient who is having difficulty following simple instructions to be high risk. This is the type of patient that I most often use the straps on... those who can't seem to remember to keep their arms down, or to lay still, etc. We often use the straps on patients who extend a great deal over the sides of the cath table to assist in keeping the arm boards attached to the table.

We also use the straps for all ICDs as it helps keep the patients still for device function testing.


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Thanks for your response, very helpful. For some reason I am getting a lot of resistance from staff on this topic. To me, if we can't think of a reason for them not to be used...there's no question.

Are the straps that you use, single use only? or only changed when needed? what about isolation patients? Do you only strap around abdomen or do you place them on legs as well. These are all questions that I have been approached with during our trial process.

Seems like staff is happier when I can say this is how its done in other labs.

thanks again!



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Nope. Not using them at all...

Eta:we do restrain AICD pts prior.

in our lab we use body strap so the hands of the pt can relax on the sides and with extenders so its much more comfortble for them, we also use velcro on the legs. its better to be prepare, you will never know wants gonna happend nxt.

safety for the pt and for you.