Cath Lab Travel Nurse Questions


Hey guys,

This may be a niche question, haven't been able to find a lot of travel cath lab topics on the site. I am currently a cath lab nurse, coming up on 3 years of experience, 3 years ER prior. My wife (hospice nurse) are thinking of traveling full time, specifically traveling full time in an RV.

I was wondering if anyone here has done this before. My main concern is being on call and being at a location in the RV that either does not have cell phone service or having a hard time finding a place to stay within 30 minutes of the hospital.

Has anyone had a cath lab assignment where they didn't take call? (Sounds like the unicorn assignment to me, so I would be surprised if such a thing existed). We have not had much experience with travelers in our lab, so not a lot or resources to ask.

Lastly, do you get paid more to have a RCIS certification? I have been wanting to do this regardless but wondering if there were any monetary benefits to it. No one in my lab has RCIS but our hospital does not reimburse you to take the test nor pay you anymore.

Assignments with no call do exist but are rare. I've had them as an OR nurse but have never sought them out specifically. Lots of solutions when you are on call. Some hospitals will allow you to use a call room. Sometimes staff will let you crash at their home on call nights. When I worked in Monterey, there was a staff member who lived in Big Sur with no phone reception (and a bit far for 30 minute response). So he drove halfway to the hospital where there was cell coverage and camped in his car overnight. One does what has to be done.

Certifications do not pay more directly. But they make you more competitive and you may land assignments that you would not otherwise get. So indirectly, you will get paid more.


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Department heads still have pagers that can be issued to you if you need it. Also, at my last assignment, they housed the call team in a nearby hotel that was paid for from the department's budget. Voice your concern during the interview. You are not the first person to be burdened with crappy cell/wifi service.