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Case Western CRNA


I'm interested in applying for Case Western for 2012. I'll have minimal CV ICU experience (only about 1 year and half at start of program) but have 3.8 undergrad GPA and am working on GRE. Anyone who has been accepted into case western, would you mind posting your stats? Thanks!


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I have not been accepted but have applied for next years class. I am interviewing in December. Case only requires 1 year experience so you should apply. If by some chance you do not get accepted, then you can call and talk to them. They will tell you exactly why you were not and exactly what you should do to improve your application for next year. Sounds to me though that you have all the requirements they ask for, so apply. If I were you I would apply this year for next year's class....you have the minimum qualifications so go for it. They take rolling admissions and interview until February. Get your GRE done ASAP and then send your application next month. Good luck!

I have done extensive research on the case program and cleveland clinic. I have not been able to find how much the the clinic starts their new grads at. With Case being about double the price of Akron and the other Ohio schools it's something I am very interested in finding out. Hope one of you can help.


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If you search through the old posts you'll see our stats

Hello I would say go for it..I just had an interview today there was no clinical questions just getting to know you. Just go for your GRE or you can do the MAT (it seems to be a lil easier). GOOD LUCK

Can someone tell me if Case Western CRNA program weighs heavily on having a CCRN certification? Thanks!