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Case Study Questions


Hi, I am new to this site and I am currently studying to gain registration with the CPNBC. I am nearing completion of my pre-reg studies as I am an IEN. I have a case study that I am unsure about, having asked several colleagues, without much success. The case study and the question is as follows:

Provide a timeline for your nursing care, which includes details of your rationales and decision-making priorities for each skill/ assessment. Include your head to toe assessment charting.

Diet sips to DAT.

Mobilize as tolerated.

Vital signs with motion and sensation checks lower limbs Q1 hr x 4, Q2hr x 4, Q4 hr x 4, routine.

IV D5NS @ 100cc/ hr.

PCA Morphine 1-2 mg/hr prn.

Gravol 12.5-25 mg iv q3-4 hr prn.

Indocid suppository 100 mg bd.

Hemovac to closed suction; D/C on post-op day 2 if drainage less than 50 cc/ 12 hr.

Foley catheter prn.

Change or reinforce dressing if soiled prn.

Change dressing post-op day 3 before discharge.

Ted stockings.

Any help would be greatly received.

Thanks, Nick.


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What is it specifically that you don't understand about this assignment?

This assignment is all about nursing care for a post-op patient over a 3 day timeline.

The assignment will take you several hours to complete, the information you can get from a care plan book and your text books.