Work experience needed for CCM.

  1. I've been reading up on CCM requirements and wondered if anyone could clear up the work experience requirements. I'm confused by the "multiple environments" part. I work as an RN CM in a 300+ bed Medical Center. My primary duties are in acute care, but I also work with patients from the ED and our in house subacute floors( SNF and Rehab). I perform all 6 of the essential activities in each of these settings. Would I be eligible, or do I actually have to find a job outside of the hospital to meet the "multiple environments" requirement?.
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    Kory Pitre
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  3. by   CseMgr1
    No...just make sure that your Facility's job description meets the Commission's requirements. Even though I had worked as a case manager in home care for 18 years, they would not allow me to take the exam last year, because my former employer's job description was inadequate. I get to take it this year, because the documentation is there. They are STRICT, when it comes to who can and who can't take the exam
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    Hi Kory,
    I called the CCMC and asked to clarify this matter. I cut and pasted the original e-mail reply...

    From: "Cheryl Gross" <>
    Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 10:45 AM
    Subject: RE: clarification needed

    Multiple environments means that you are managing the patient or client
    in different settings and in each setting you are accessing, making the
    plan, coordinating and putting the plan to work, keeping in contact with
    the patient, referring the patient to a different setting if need, such
    as rehab, seeing the physician or specialists and evaluating the plan
    for each setting making sure it works for the patient. If further
    examples are wanted please call Carolyn Burton at 847-818-0292 ext. 124.
    It might be easier to explain it over the phone.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Cheryl Gross

    I did call and speak with Carolyn Burton, and she was very helpful. I am case managing in home health, and she described it as following the pt over time, she compared a hospital CM, whom she said may have one episode of hospitalization, they arrange for home care and supplies needed, and then the pt leaves and they have nothing more to do w that pt. I described how I felt CM in HH was in multiple environments b/c I made f/u calls to our liaisons if pt was hosp, like be sure pt has hosp bed before they get d/c, or family members have not been assisting with care as they agreed to, or sharing info such as the pt is interested in hospice and we were discussing that before he was re-hospitalizes and family against it, etc... Also, with my long-term medicaid pt's I work in cooperation with their medical daycare facilities, if they are hospitalized and get re-admitted, lots of frequent fliers in the city, etc... She said even if you make a f/u call to a hosp, or doc, etc, that is essentially CM in multiple environments. She made it seem very casual.

    Unfortunately my job descriptions, from 3 jobs, were sadly lacking in description of multiple environments, and continuum of care, so I had to get past and present employers to write letters, notarized, the whole nine. WHAT a hassle, but mailed it all in yesterday. I'll let you know if they accept me as eligible (fopr my non-refundable $130!!) Don't they know they can make more $$$ if they eased up on these requirements?? LOL!

    Seems like if you are a CM w an insurance company, or worker's comp, you are the ideal candidate and meet all the criteria, almost as if the CCM were designed only for that particular type of CM.

    If you are hoping to test in the fall, you need to move fast, deadline is July 15th to get everything in.
  5. by   Koryp
    Thanks for the posts. Good luck with your application Hoolahan.