Transitional Care Case Manager

  1. I have worked for BCBS for 5 yrs as a Medical CCM w/ my CCM certification. I have an interview with United Healthcare/Optum on Friday for a TCM (Transitional Care) position. This is a work from home-field based position. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of what this type of Case Management entails. How stressful is it? Is there any info on an average day/week in this position?
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  3. by   Capco56
    Hello...did you get the job at UHC? I am on the TCM team with them. If you were hired, where will you be based out of? Greensboro NC ?
  4. by   JRoof
    I did get the job with them but I am based out of Nashville TN! I started on Mon of this week & I think I will love it! I have will have one embedded facility. I am working with State & Community.
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  6. by   Capco56
    Congrats! UHG/Optum is a good company and with good leadership I believe. I'm glad you will like it. Welcome to our group!
  7. by   ncbl18
    hello! just wondering..where do you apply for home based positions? i've been a case manager for 2 years for an LTAC and recently got my husband is in the military and was hoping to find a job that i can keep even if we have to move..thank u!
  8. by   limitless-visions
    Hi how is your job going with uhc so far i literally just accepted a job doing transitional care as well from home/field work they say i'll visit pts in hospital before they dc and followup with them to make sure they have everything they need, im too excited but i don't start until sept 11th please tell me all you can, equipment?? Things i need to work effectively???