Samuel Merritt University Application ELMSN Spring 2019

  1. I was just wondering if anyone's applying to SMU's ELMSN - Case Management for Spring 2019?
    I took my HESI today and I can finally complete my application. Hopefully I have enough time to get everything in by the July 1 deadline.
    It would be great to hear back from fellow applicants (:
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  3. by   MamaKat916
    Hi Magxter! I've applied for the Spring 2019 ABSN program. Feels good to have it finished! I took the HESI last month, so I feel your relief! Good luck on your application! Which campus are you applying for?
  4. by   magxter
    Sacramento campus (:
    Goodluck to you too! I hope we hear back soon .
  5. by   MamaKat916
    I think I read on their website that we don't hear back until early October. It's a long wait...
  6. by   IHopeToBeAnFNP
    I am applying for the ABSN and ELMSN-FNP programs in Sacramento! How did you two do on the HESI?
  7. by   samazingg
    Anyone know if they have extended the deadline? I just recently decided to apply and realized that the deadline was July 1st -__-
  8. by   jackiewackie44
    No, i don't think they've extended the deadline. I just got an email this morning saying that they've already gone through the preliminary application screenings.
  9. by   jackiewackie44
    I applied for SMU's ELMSN-FNP track for Spring '19 at Sacramento campus! I'm currently on the waitlist for Fall '18 at the Oakland campus. Was wondering if anyone is in the same boat? Good luck to fellow applicants!
  10. by   megster87
    @jackiewackie44, I am in the same boat as you. I am still on the waitlist for the ELMSN-FNP Fall 2018 program. I applied to the Spring 2019 program in Sacramento because I am hoping that I might get in this round.

    Good luck to you!
  11. by   jackiewackie44
    Does anyone know when we'll start to hear back for interviews?
  12. by   gulnazk1991
    Any guidance for people who are applying for fall 2019 ELMSN FNP in Oakland. I am planning to apply and wanted to know how was your experience with essays and everything when it comes to the application. What are HESI scores you guys have I have 82% and will retake HESI again and aiming for at least 90%. ANy tips regarding HESI. Please keep us updated how process on admission is going with you guys so next batch have an idea about scores and timeline.
    Thank you guys. Good luck.
  13. by   jackiewackie44
    Just got an invite for an interview!! Check your emails!!
  14. by   kayrh10
    I was just invited for an interview as well! Were you able to register for a time? For some reason I am unable to do so