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Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!! I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.... Read More

  1. by   kaytsamopo
    I spent time in high risk OB and tele before going into home health. I was a home health case manager for 10 years. This past Sept I took a job in work comp case management and really enjoy it. I've applied to take the CCM in the spring; I finished my BSN last December and will be entering a Master's program this spring.
  2. by   Betti
    Hello, I'm a cardiology casemanager in an acute care setting. I have a Masters in Community Health and have been a CCM for 10 years.
    I love alot of what I do. There are 30 of us at our hospital, our caseloads are between 20 - 25 cases daily. I am also responsible for all aspects of d/c planning. I love the independence in my practice. My wages are good. Sadly I am salaried. I work few weekends and holidays. I would recommend this line of work to any nurse.
  3. by   raiderfan
    Am Medical and Disability Case Manager in Worker's Comp in CA. Previously worked Home Health as CM for 8 years. I love case management. Did my CCM in 2002. It was the hardest test I ever took. I did take an online study course, which gave me CCM CEU credits as well. If interested in course name, let me know.

  4. by   TNNurseCCM
    i am also an rn case manager working hospital case management in tennessee. my area is mostly internal medicine. our main focus is on los, dcp, ur, drg/transfer drgs. we are a fairly large teaching hospital. we utilize social workers and lpns. our caseload goal is 20. we are not there yet, but working towards it. i received my ccm in 2003. i also have a certification in ob/ip. i love techy things so i will also have to visit your pda topics. am enjoying this site.
  5. by   LNZMLY
    I Am A Case Manager For Disability / Wc. I Have Not Decided If I Like It Or Not. I Am Scared I Do Not Understand All Of The Laws Yet. It Is Definitely On The Job Training. Would Some Of You Older Wc Case Managers Be Willing To Help The Newer Ones?
  6. by   Mijourney
    I'm fairly new to CM working in a position that requires performing CM/DM work. I wonder if anyone else is performing both CM and DM duties? It does make the job a bit more challenging, so the jury is still out on that. I plan to pursue the CCM credential since it looks like CM/DM is the wave of the future with employers cutting their health care and retirement benefits. People need to lead healthier lives because of these serious cutbacks. CM/DM professionals are expected to help the population age gracefully.
  7. by   VTX-RN
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum. Just came across it and thought I'd chime in. I'm doing workers' comp case management in NC and have been for 4 years now. Well, "that's all I've got to say `bout that" (Forrest Gump)
  8. by   SallymaeMSN
    Care Coordinator for Home Telehealth in Baltimore. Case management certification since 1999 by the ANCC. Masters Degree in Adult Health/Trauma Specialty.
  9. by   charlie51
    Quote from LasVegasRN
    Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!!

    I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.
    Hi LV RN I am a new LV. I am an RN CCM, looking for a CM job. Can you help me? Any suggestions or ideas where I can start applying or know of anything open in LV.

  10. by   CaseManager1947
    I know I'm late posting to this thread... but I do hospital based case management for a large tertiary health care system. We have two sister hospitals and are based at one hospital all the time. We are assigned by physicians.. I have neurology, heme-onc, some family medicine, a hospitalist service, and renal. My employer requires a Master's for this position, which I was just getting started on when I moved into my current position. We case manage the same patients if they are admitted to our physician services, do insurance clinical and concurrent reviews, assessments to determine appropriate dismissal plan (homehealth, snu, ltach, etc), liason with dme and community providers, patient and family education, keep an eye on the bottom line, check for appropriate level of care (IP vs Obs.), you name it -- we are the go-to person . I love this job. More hospitals are finding (good research supports it) that effective case management can improve the bottom line by aggresively pushing for timely testing and evals to assist the physician in a d/c plan. Pre-reqs:
    thick skin, lots of experience (10-15 years either med surg, critical care, OR) be a good listener, effective teacher, not easily intimidated by docs, and willing to stick one's neck way out. as I said... I love my job!!
  11. by   Rickymom
    I'm not a CM but have just started doing concurrent review and plan to take my CCM as soon as feasible. I'm an RN with pedi background. The floor got to be a little too much at my age.
  12. by   patMBA
    Hello everyone. I have had my CCM for several years. I just re-certed ealier this year. I worked for staff model HMO with a primary care base. Was very educational and I learned alot. In 2002 I crossed over to the hospital side and have worked in the surgery area since. I am the Director. All those cases we arranged home care for... when you see what we do to people it is no wonder some of them take longer to get back on their feet. I use my case management experience in the pre-procedure area to make sure we help our patient prepare for surgery, know what to expect, what they need to do in participating in their care, and what will happen after they leave. I am probably one of the few directors who has cancelled a total joint surgery because the patient had not planned for help after surgery. Yikes!
    Also I used to be a board member on our local CMSA organization. We formed the chapter. I would encourage any of you to get involved in your local chapters. My goal for the future is to present at a conference on reviewing the surgical record and identifying those at risk for prolonged lenght of stay.
  13. by   patMBA
    why the masters degree? Are they expecting you to perform as CNS's? I haven't heard of this except at the management level. I would think this would limit the pool of applicants. Do they pay more for the masters degree.