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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I too am currently a nurse and have been interested in looking into Case Management. For all of you experienced RNs/Case managers out there, a quick question...I have experience in Women's Health and was curious to find out if the type/specialty of nursing experience one has will make it difficult or easier when beginning case management. I do not have med surg. experience. I have my BS degree, which I have heard is acceptable for most positions in case management. I am looking into program that offers a Masters in Social work, with the certification in Case Management.. I feel that case management is a wonderful way to work alongside with pts., just in a different focus than nursing care.
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Any input would be great appreciated!! thanks !
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  3. by   IngyRN
    I have been a hospital case manger for about 2 years. Unfortunately, it really isnt my favorite role as a nurse. Primarily, because so many times you take on social work roles and have to deal with very difficult family dynamics that pose as barriers to discharge planning. If you have an interest in social work and have the opportunity to receive some education and training, I encourage you to do so.

    If you want to get a feel for it before you commit to further education, you may try to shadow a case manager or even work as one.

    I currently work on a surgical unit- I had med/surg and UR experience prior to this position.
  4. by   cygnet
    I am an RN Case manager and I am intrigued with this type of Nursing. I work in the Women and Childrens Health area...there is never a dull moment. I started out in Peds and was blessed to have worked with a wonderful Licensed Clinical Social Worker there. On the Peds area, our floor piloted a Medical Case Management model and that is where I became involved. Curretly, I work with 3 MSSW and I am the Team Leader of our section. We enhance each other's skills. We go beyond the area of "social work" as we are responsible for dealing with insurance companies and making a plan of care to move the patients through the system as smoothly possible.
    It is not a "cushy" job. Each one of us has call q 3 weeks, 24/7. Because we work in MCH we are called in at night to attend pediatric and nursery deaths and complicated social issues that involve drug use, Children's Services and adoptions. I could go on and on... We do deal with many social situations, as well as setting up home health, linking the patient with outside agencies and resources and fighting with insurance companies to help meet patient needs, to name a few. Each hospital is different and functions may vary. The "team concept" works for us. I do like this field of nursing....
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  5. by   spanton66

    I am a community matron in Sussex, Uk and casemanage patients with long term conditions. I will be in Philadelphia the last 2 weeks of March and wondered if anybody knew a casemanager there who i could contact to enable me to shadow them for a day.

    Many thanks.