Please Help...CM or Clinical Nurse?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been on this site before but never really posted a thread like the one I'm about to write- I'm dearly confused and would love input from anyone who is kind enough to spare some time.

    I graduated with my BSN in 08/2010 and passed my boards on 10/2010. Since then I've worked/volunteered at a clinic site for a few months but then tried my luck with working in a SNF for a week. That one week was seven days too long- without going into much detail (as many already know of the complexities of a SNF), the facility was practicing in ways that I didn't agree with both personally and professionally, so I left. My thought at the time was to return to school and get my MSN in administration or FNP. Well during this time I was given a job offer for Worker's Comp Field Nurse Case Management. The job is tolerable and as much as I want to say I love the work...I don't. I soon realized that I went to school to become a clinical nurse- a NICU, L&D, or Mother/Baby nurse to be exact.

    Now my question goes to all of the experienced CMs or experienced I right in my mind to think this? Or am I in the whole, "the grass is greener on the other side," phase. Should I be thankful for the job I have and roll with the punches? Or should I work and concurrently pursue my dreams?

    Please be kind in responses- I'm not looking for a huge debate, just some guidance. Thank-you in advance to all those who are willing to respond, it is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   LevitateMe
    All of the above. Be thankful for the job you have, but most definitely pursue your dreams. Worst case senario you have more education and more experience and can move on and try another specialty. I'm not a cm but I'm trying to get in, whether or not its for you something will be, and I think cm would be great experience to have under your belt, while you work toward your bigger picture. Good luck : )
  4. by   luvazsun
    Go with your gut, but keep in mind, it takes a long time in one particular location to begin to feel comfortable and competent. I think the value you will receive from clinical experience will be best for your future.