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    As the title of this thread states, , I am new to case management and I am in desperate need of a pep talk and some helpful advice. Case Management can be so overwhelming and I am having trouble keeping it in perspective. My biggest challenge is keeping my sanity. One meeting we are scolded about increases in denials and the next it is about discharging too soon. I realize it is a balancing act but I need some advise on how to keep it balanced. I know there are some really experienced case managers here that can help! Please!

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  3. by   lauramae18
    I was hoping you'd get some more responses. I am presenting a paper/presentation in my critical care class to my fellow students on case management and specifically their role in the critical care area..... I was gonna scoop some stuff! LOL
  4. by   caliotter3
    Have done aspects of the case mgmt role. Not everything from your perspective. How your post struck me is this. (I am not at mgmt level, just a worker bee). Keeping your job in perspective. Go through all the motions, jump through the hoops, open your mouth and say what it is expected you will say, do what is expected of you to do, and everyday, when you go home, leave it at work as much as possible. That observation gleaned from watching observable behavior patterns of some mgrs I have had in the past. Some get so involved, you can see the volcano about to explode; others are so laid back, you wonder what med they take, some are so out of it, they just go in every day and may or may not appear to be doing something. You just have to develop a strong hide, cuz the chew outs are going to happen anyway. Unless the Higher Power creates miracles in your company. It is like CNAs in a nrsg home getting chewed out regularly b/c their residents are peeing too often, and the CNAs can't clean/tidy all of their incontinent pts at the same time. Somebody walks by in the hallway and finds one of the people who needs changing, so there's a chewout. That's the perspective you should put this stuff in. Otherwise you will take home stuff you can not change. If you could change it, you would. Long post. Just trying to give you some perspective. Hope somebody gives you some concrete advice.