moving to case management, advice?

  1. I have a great opportunity to move into case management at my hospital. I have done a preceptorship while finishing my RN to BSN degree so am aware of what is ahead, as well as the steep learning curve. While I'll still have a lot of patient contact (daily rounds, discharge planning, etc.) there is a part of me that is worried that I will miss bedside nursing. I am very excited about this opportunity but would love to hear from other RNs that have moved from bedside to CM. Any advice?
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  3. by   CaseManagerRN
    I have been a Case Manager for 2 years and I really don't miss the bedside as much as I thought I would. I am still pretty involved in the patient's hospital stay but it is much less stressful! I like using all of my nursing knowledge but not having all of the clinical liability that goes along with bedside nursing. Let me know if you have more questions, and good luck with your new career path!
  4. by   furysmom
    Thanks for the post. You have stated what is so appealing to me--still having patient interaction, using my nursing knowledge, and not having the liability. Plus I like the problem solving aspect. It is a great team and it seems many were recruited from bedside nursing at one point or another in their careers. Waiting to hear the final word that the job is mine then I have the difficult task of giving notice for a job I do truly still love. Just last week I had one of those weeks where I had a contender for "the worst shift ever" but two days later one of "the best shifts ever". Between the "I've got to do something different" and "I love this, how can I leave" I realize that this is simply an opportunity to do something else and that there is going to be a little relief and a little regret. I will definitely ask more as I move into it in the coming months. Thanks!
  5. by   wolverine60
    I too have a clinical documentation position at my doorstep. A BIG change from what I have been doing for 30 years, but I was recruited based on my clinical expertise. I am a bit terrified but excited at the same time. I have been trying to ready myself and at least get familiar with terminology. Personally, I am ready to go back to study and give up bedside nursing. A new dimension is emerging and I am taking this as a cue to move on to a bigger challenge that requires formal education and a seasoned RN. Good Luck to you!
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  6. by   FieryGingerRN
    I became a Case Manager 7 months ago and had no experience whatsoever in UR/CM. At first I was a little overwhelmed with the terminology and my lack of knowledge, but now I am glad I made the change. There are still plenty of opportunities to interact with the patients. You still touch their lives, only in a different way. In time you will be glad you made the change, and the great thing about nursing is if you don't enjoy CM you can choose a different field to go in to.