Interested in Pursuing Case Management

  1. Hello all,

    Im currently an LPN working in peds home health. I am starting the LPN to RN bridge in January and should graduate December 07. I plan to pursue my BSN after that.

    I have become very intrigued by the case managers at my current agency and I think it may be something I want to do in the future.

    Can you guys please tell me what steps I should be taking to prepare myself for this type of job? Can you give me some resources to learning more about Case Management as in what it exactly is? What are the minimum qualifications? Im assuming its a BSN and a certain amount of nursing experience. Ive only been an LPN for a year in home health. Im pretty sure when I get my RN, I will work part time in the hospital and part time home health...thats the plan so far.

    I would really appreciate any input you could give me. Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
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