Humana Montage Phone Interview

  1. I have an automated telephone interview tomorrow. What kind of questions can I expect?
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  3. by   C Roll 5
    I just saw your post. How did it go?
    I did one of these in May.
  4. by   lschultz777
    I did it yesterday. I was prepared as I had an idea of the kind of questions they'd ask. Now its the waiting game.

    What happened with your interview ?
  5. by   C Roll 5
    The interview went well but I wasn't selected for that position possibly because I don't have government clearance ( that was required for that role) and it takes awhile to get.
    I ended up getting a similar position with another company.
  6. by   lschultz777
    How soon do you hear right back? Government clearance... It said you'd have to be willing to go thru the process and I said yes
  7. by   C Roll 5
    Yeah I said I would get it also, but I wondered if they found someone that already had it. I also didn't have experience with military programs. I had hospital CM, home health care transition mostly with Medicare and managed care.

    It took about 10-11 days to hear back.
  8. by   lschultz777
    I have extensive experience: HMO/PPO, MIlliman guidelines, medicare/medicaid, MLTC, CM, UM, concurrent review, pre authorization, home care (short term- meaning PEDS up to geriatrics and all diseases), med/surg, assisted living, Long term care/Sub acute rehab, Director of Nursing, Nursing Administrator, Quality Improvement, Compliance Officer, .... you'd think I'd find something, but no luck
  9. by   C Roll 5
    Well good luck with this one!
  10. by   lschultz777
    I hate the waiting...
  11. by   C Roll 5
    I know. But if this doesn't work out, keep throwing the applications out there. New positions keep opening up!