Hours spent on the phone?

  1. Hi All case managers,

    I am trying to figure out if I want to be a case manager. When you work on placing a patient, for example, a senior into a SNF or nursing home, do you have to cold call facilities that are insurance appropriate for the patient to see if they have a bed. If so does that drive you insane?
    How many hours a day would you say on average you might spend trying to reserve a bed for a patient.
    Just interested as if it's a lot of phone calls, it might not be the job for me!
    Thanks for any feedback.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    yes, you will spend a lot of time on the phone! depending on your duties and responsibilities (plus resources), you may be on the phone for placement to snfs alot but that may just be the tip of the ice burg!

    i am also on the phone to doctor's offices, talking with physicians, nurses, co-workers, department heads, patient's family members that are involved with the care team, other members of the idt, etc... honestly, the "etc" includes a lot i cannot think to type right now... my phone rings almost every two minutes. not to mention my umr duties too, which keeps me on the phone as well.... oh, did i mention insurance companies to gain auths??? sorry, but that one will probably drive you crazier then talking to snfs regarding beds. some insurance companies don't like to pay for squat and patients are under the wrong impression that they have coverage because they have and pay for insurance. good luck.... and, yes i love my job..... time flies, my shift ends, and i am out the door.
  4. by   Sianhayes
    Thanks so much for the insight!! Food for thought!
  5. by   thekid
    I'm on the phone most of the day (but not all days) ..what helps is that you get to know the nurses and doctors at various facilities ..I keep a quick cheat sheet of their numbers.

    I'd MUCH rather be on a phone than running hallways on the floor again My job is so flexible with the hours..a bit monotonous at times but if you enjoy and are good at time management it's very flexible.
  6. by   pgnurse79
    I use a cheat sheet of snfs as well. I also try to get the MDs recommendation an look for a snf in the family's zip code. Many snfs come by to advertise their facility. So if I know of one who specializes in pain mgmt, for example, I will refer to a snf for a specific need.