HI case managers. Advice please!

  1. I am definitely a burnt out bed side nurse.

    Heres my backround.

    I have been a working nurse a year and a half. I worked pt a skilled nursing facility for 7 mos that went great, but made what ended up being a very poor career move and went to this hospital and had to quit after 6 mos b/c one manager was really horrible. So the skilled facility welcomed me back 5 wks ago.

    I know I have to put in my time bed side so even though I HATE working where I am now (but I have an excellent reputation), I have to stick it out. And then probably move on to hospital experience. I also have only my RN, so I know I'll have to go to school.

    But to the point of the topic, could you case managers give me some advice on the right things to do to get into case management??? I heard a lot of nurses have been satisfied in this position and it seems like it would be a great fit for me once I get more stable exp and bsn.

    Thanks you guys!
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  3. by   jaqs96
    This is a late reply but wanted to share some tips. I have only been a RN for a few years but new going into it that bedside nursing was not my goal but knew I had to put in the time. Well, a year into bedside nursing, I applied for a PRN Home Health/Hospice nurse but kept my day job. A year later when I couldn't take bedside nursing anymore, the HH agency offered me a Case Management position which I accepted. An although I enjoyed the job, a year later I was done being a field nurse visiting patients and applied for an insurance case management position which I now have been doing for the past 2 years and I absolutely love it. So it may take a few steps to get to where you want to be but work hard, don't burn any bridges, and take as many CEUs where you have weakness in to show your determination to improve yourself... this is what future employers look for. Take and good luck!
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Look at the ads and do what they say-- most around here say "BSN strongly preferred" and "broad clinical background" and "CCM strongly preferred."

    Check out CMSA, Case Mgmt Society of America, join the local chapter, and start going to their local and regional CE offerings. You'll be able to hear about upcoming job openings when you network, too. Then when you apply you'll have a better idea of the job even if you haven't done it yet, so the hiring manager who was willing to take a chance on somebody without experience will feel better about doing it.
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    May I ask if you still work as a case manager for Aetna? If so, do you like it? Any feedback you have will be appreciated.