Does anyone know what insurance companies hire for working at home CM's?

  1. I would love to work from home. If anyone knows of any insurance companies that hire CM's to do this, I would appreciate the information.
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    I have heard of and worked with case managers that work from home, but mostly with workers compensation. They seem to be a true case manager. Meaning, they follow each case from date of injury until the employee can return to work or is no longer covered under workers comp. I, too, have asked how do you get such a position. It seems that the big thing is to have a certification in workers comp case management or occupational health. Good luck.
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    I appreciate the reply and information.
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    osusana -
    Independent Case Managers generally work out of their homes. I have several friends that do this. They are generally hired by workers compensation carriers to perform medical management activities. Third Party Administrators also hire indepents. Some legal firms might also hire nurses for case review that work out of their homes. The door is open - be creative!!!!!
    Enjoy doing your work with your pajamas and bathrobe on!!!!!
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    I do this kind of work. I love it. I have a work area set up in the den, and I keep my TV on old movies all day for "background noise." I go out to MD appointments, PT appointments, etc., and it's always something different every day.

    There are a few companies I know of that hire case managers who work at home. I work for CorVel, which is a large national company that does utilization management, pre-authorization, case management, etc. They have a website that lists open positions. Check it out -- there might be something available where you live. Good luck!
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    I currently work as a case manager in an occupational setting. I have done disability case management for the past year. I am now working with worker's comp cases. I find it very rewarding. I am hoping to take my certification for CM in December 2002. You have to be able to switch gears in the middle of what you are doing, prioritize, be a good listener and know how to "read between the lines".
    I know of companies such as Corvel, Concentra Managed Care that allow you to work from your home after you are established and know what you are doing.
    The work is very detailed, held under a very big microscope all the time. Working within regulations. Working with people both clients and health care providers who see you as a "pain" and they don't want to work with you. Scammers will teach you ways of scrutinizing everything everyone says and does!! I love it. a little investigation, throw in some nursing and a lot of communication-pulled all together is case management!
    Depending on if you do on-site case management where you attend appointments with clients or if you do it telephonically, it is alot of fun. Every day is different! I would go online and use your search engines to connect to sites that are connected with nursing and/or case management. And of course as every nurse knows, NETWORK!!! I found out about my present job through my last job as a contract nurse. GOOD LUCK"
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    Thank you all for the valuable information!!!
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    Travelers Insurance




    Quite a few national companies. What I would suggest is posting your resume on You would not believe how many employers are looking for case managers.
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    Genex is another natl. company.
    Look in your phone book under rehabilitation services; some of the locally owned companies in Nashville advertise there.
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